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Various current fanzines that you should pick-up if you're into hardcore. Get in touch if you wanna order a bunch of these so we can figure out a better shipping cost.

Streets Of Hate / Dead At Birth (USA)
Brand new united forces zines, has interviews with current bands (Rull Them All, Never Ending Game, Sanction), a funny OLC reprint from Blood Book 3 and some various hardcore content. 20 A4 pages to mosh while reading or the other way around.

Reluctant Mosher 5 (England)
Newest issue of that cool english zine, featuring interviews with Axe Rash, Higher Power, Blood Eagle, Sievehead, a cool write-up on seeing Oasis early shows and their rise to the top, a bunch of reviews and some more content. 52 A5 pages b/w and a lot of enthusiasm.

Headache Hardcore 3 (Germany)
Interviews with Wild Side, Big Cheese, Inner Unrest, Night Stalker, Screw and Ola of Quality Control and Arm's Race as well as a Arm's Race Japan Tour 2017 report, plus some reviews. Cut and paste, black and white goodness.

Brain Waves 2 (Netherlands)
Interesting interviews with Eddie Leeway, Terror and Bitter End, a Cornered studio report and some cool articles. Full color A5 zine from the Netherlands with a nice layout, by the drummer of Icepick - check check check check it out.

Power/Anti-Social Zine 1 (USA)
Straight from the US of A, interviews with Ammunation, Big Mack and Restraining Order as well as some fun stuff and a United Blood 2018 report. 18 pages, cut and paste, black and white, feel this shit. (1 copy left)